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Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme Review: the best console steering around

Less is definitely more in the German sim kit manufacturer's latest offering

Published: 22 Mar 2024

In the world of cars, we're quickly coming to realise that, in the age of quad-digit horsepower figures beyond anything that can be exploited on the road, the bigger numbers aren't always better. The same applies to sim racing equipment, it seems. While the new Gran Turismo DD Extreme kit's wheelbase might 'only' have 15nm of torque, compared to the old 20nm DD1 and 25nm DD2, this more modern base has vastly more detailed feedback and a quicker response time.

Besides, 15nm of torque is more than enough for anything, barring catapulting a pair of severed thumbs across the room. There's definitely no sense when using the GT DD Extreme, and its included Clubsport DD+ base, that you're left wanting for twisting force and the improvement in fidelity and reactivity is leaps and bounds over those previous, more woolly Podium DD wheelbases.

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As implied by the presence of the words Gran and Turismo in the title, this is an officially licensed kit aimed at PlayStation owners, though it's built to work with PCs as well. Fanatec is no longer the only direct drive wheel manufacturer offering console compatibility – Logitech and Thrustmaster are recent arrivals on the scene – but its expansive ecosystem of wallet worrying sim equipment is hard to argue with.

While the website can't outright say as much, if you've got an Xbox compatible rim, the setup should work just fine on consoles of the Microsoftian persuasion as well. The GT DD Extreme does feature Fanatec's new, more robust quick-release system, though, which may force a round of upgrades if you already splurged on a brace of rims.

At the very least you've got the included Gran Turismo branded wheel rim to play with, which is essentially a slightly fussier version of Fanatec's previous GT rim design. The biggest new inclusion is a crisp, bright OLED display, something that's always welcome but the real usefulness of which depends on the telemetry you have it plugged into. The rim is also absolutely festooned with buttons and sticks meaning that while it might not be the prettiest, it is highly capable. It's basically the Ron Perlman of steering wheels.

It's worth pointing out that this particular kit, pricey as it is at around £1,100, doesn't come with pedals, meaning an additional purchase (and accompanying explanation to your significant other) is necessary. In spite of this, if you're deeply serious about console racing, particularly if Gran Turismo 7 is your jam, the GT DD Extreme kit, and in particular its stellar new wheelbase, is absolutely the most premium direct drive setup available to you. It may be a base, but it's far from basic...

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