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Ferrari F1 headset replica arrives for gamers

New Thrustmaster T Racer is modelled on Ferrari's F1 cans

Published: 19 Nov 2018

The company with objectively the funniest name in gaming hardware, Thrustmaster, is back with a new headset aimed squarely at F1 nerds. The Thrustmaster T Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition, due for release on November 29, is a gaming headset designed to look like the ones used by Ferrari F1 engineers on the pit wall to chat to their drivers.

Never mind the fact that the actual Ferrari F1 headsets look like they just repainted something they found in a derelict WWII bomber, just drink in that authenticity. Wear these enough and you'll find yourself dropping choice Italian phrases into conversation. Phrases like 'va bene', 'grazie mille' and 'Fernando is faster than you'.

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To be fair, the Thrustmaster version is tarted up a bit, with a fancy embossed Scuderia Ferrari shield on the side and, perhaps more importantly, memory foam ear cushions so that they stay comfortable during hours-long gaming sessions. Or indeed lengthy hands-free conversations on your mobile phone, if you want to be 'that guy' on the bus – the connector for both headphones and microphone is the standard 3.5mm one. Sound reproduction is impressive for a stereo gaming headset too, if that's something that concerns you, and free from the ear-assaulting bass boost that other gaming cans are often lumbered with.

The only slight sticking point is the price. They're £90, which is steep for a pure stereo headset, and you know that at least a third of that is going on the Ferrari branding. Ferrari branding that you definitely can't see if they are positioned on your head. Still, if you're die-hard Tifosi, you've already clicked the 'order' button in another browser tab.

If you're happy to pay the Maranello tax, though, you won't be disappointed with the kit itself, which feels sturdy and high quality. Whether you're planning on using it for gaming or – arguably even more demanding – music listening, they're more than up to the task. Of course, for maximum authenticity you should really be listening to a recording of an irate German yelling the words 'blue flag, blue flag'...

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