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Forza Horizon 3 to feature Lamborghini Centenario

Gaming: Australia-set racer arrives on Xbox One and PC in September

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We adore Forza Motorsport but it takes the business of racing very seriously indeed. That’s why the Forza Horizon spin-off series is the perfect counter-balance. It’s a breezy vacation, content with just setting you loose on sweeping highways in a variety of obscenely expensive cars. Cars like the Lamborghini Centenario, which will adorn the newly announced Forza Horizon 3’s packaging like a carbon fibre objet d’art.

After Colorado and Europe in the previous games, Forza Horizon 3 whisks the titular Horizon Festival to the antipodes. Disregarding for a moment the fact that the majority of wildlife in Australia would very much like to eat you, the terrain itself presents its own challenges. That’s why there’s an increased emphasis on offroad racing, with lolloping Trophy Trucks and LeBlanc favourite, dirt-chewing Ariel Nomad just two of the entertaining new additions in a 350-car-strong roster.

Expect local talent from Holden and Ford Australia to feature in the selection of new machinery, and many of those cars will be customisable too, not just with the usual spectacularly tasteless liveries but also body kits, rims and aero-bits to make them your own.

Of course a road trip isn’t much without company, which is why Horizon 3 will have four player co-operative play throughout the main story mode. What’s more, new cross-platform multiplayer means Xbox One owners can cruise the outback with their PC brethren for the first time. It’s not quite the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it’s about as close as videogames are going to get.

We’ll have more on Forza Horizon 3 very soon but for now feast your eyes on the brand new announcement trailer and try not to cringe yourself in half during the bit where the ultra-rare, €2.2m Centenario goes for a little paddle at the beach…

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