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Wednesday 29th March

Forza Horizon 3's car list is weird, wonderful and very Australian

Gaming: New additions include Utes, offroad buggies and a three-wheeler

Published: 22 Jul 2016

We've long been of the opinion that the Horizon offshoot of the Forza series is Xbox's NASA-grade simulation kicking back and letting its hair down. Sort of like running into Brian Cox wearing board shorts and waving a Piña Colada around.

Forza Horizon 3's recent officially released list of 181 cars, just over half the total of 350 that will feature in the game, does nothing to disabuse us of that notion. We've already had a taste of some of the vehicles on offer, including the Ariel Nomad and a Lamborghini Centenario, but this new list does justice to the game's antipodean setting by serving up some metal that's uniquely Aussie in spirit.

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Cars like the 2014 Ford Performance Vehicles Limited Edition Pursuit Ute, which is the front of an Aussie muscle car with a cargo tray bolted to the rear, in this case powered by a 422hp supercharged 5.0-litre V8. Not bad for something that could double as a jacuzzi in a pinch, though it's not clear precisely what you'd be pursuing in it, beyond a new set of rear tyres and a driving ban.

For those after the same lump in a more conventional package, there's the 2015 Ford Falcon XR8, which borrows more from Ford's current design language and looks positively refined by Aussie V8 standards. And by refined, we mean 'a bit like an angry Mondeo'.

It's not all produce from the land down under, though. Fresh from its assault on our own Chris Harris, the gloriously bonkers Ferrari F12tdf will be making its Forza bow in Horizon 3 as well. There are no images of it in-game yet, sadly, but if you've somehow managed to forget what it looks like, just watch that video again. Go on, we'll wait.

Elsewhere, and similarly camera shy, the 2016 Polaris Slingshot is one of two newly added three-wheelers to appear in the Forza series, after years of Microsoft cruelly snubbing the Reliant Robin. Forza Motorsport 6's latest downloadable pack just introduced the miniscule BMW Isetta 300, but Polaris' effort is a considerably more modern and track-friendly weapon. Yes, the Slingshot might look like it accidentally sat on a motorbike, but it'll be entertaining to see if the game's physics calculations can handle one too few wheels on the wagon at 120mph.

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The majority of the rest you'll recognise from previous games in the series. For the full list, nip over to and keep an eye out for news on the remaining 170 or so vehicles yet to be announced. We've still got our fingers crossed for that Reliant Robin...

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