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Forza Horizon's Hot Wheels is every eight year old's dream

Toy inspired add-on features orange plastic loops, ridiculous cars

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By our reckoning the Forza series has been greatly enriched by the addition of the Forza Horizon spin-off brand. Where Forza Motorsport concerns itself with accurately replicating the exact weight of the cup-holder in a 2007 Honda Civic Type R, Forza Horizon is just about chucking the world’s greatest automotive party. But if Forza Horizon 3 is the series letting its hair down then the game’s new Hot Wheels expansion, downloadable now, is it dying its hair bright green and shaving it into the shape of a lightning bolt.

This is, by some measure, the silliest Forza has ever been, recreating those previously miniature Hot Wheels toy tracks in mammoth, life-sized scale. Imagine Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction but turned on its side and spray-painted neon orange and you’re about half way there. Also, there are giant animatronic dinosaurs, because if you’re going to replicate the floor of an eight year old’s bedroom, you might as well do it properly.

It’s not just silly, though, it’s also brilliantly refreshing, turning your copy of Forza Horizon 3 literally upside down. The racing is closer to that found in PlayStation classic Wipeout than in the rest of the game, with huge banked corners over dizzying drops and power boosters that fire your car around the various loops and corkscrews. To negotiate these authentically plasticky routes, you’ll need to develop brand new driving skills that will be in no way transferable to real life. Well, unless someone doses the tea at the Department of Transport with psychoactive drugs.

The Hot Wheels pack features an organised campaign of races to complete, nudging you towards the best routes around this spiralling network of plastic track, but if you just want to cruise around completing individual challenges and treating it like the oversized toybox it quite literally is, that’s allowed too. It wouldn’t be a Hot Wheels expansion without some toy cars to play with either, so you get ten new ones including recreations of classic Hot Wheels die-cast models like Twin Mill and Boneshaker, both of which look designed to be especially painful if you tread on them in bare feet.

The Hot Wheels expansion appears to be the last major piece of Forza Horizon 3 downloadable content before the focus switches to the announcement of a mysterious new title in the series, which will definitely be called Forza Motorsport 7. What a way to go out, though: upside down, at two hundred miles an hour, with a Tyrannosaur snapping at your exhaust pipes.

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