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Forza Motorsport’s latest update changes how car progression works

All performance parts now available at level 1

Published: 22 Mar 2024

We know better than to risk the ire of the tired metaphor police by describing Forza Motorsport’s launch as ‘a bumpy road’ or ‘in need of some development packages’, but nevertheless fans did voice some displeasure at some aspects of Turn 10’s largely stellar racing sim. The car upgrades system was one of them, and it’s been overhauled in the latest update.

Update 6 does away with the previous system, which locked certain upgrade parts until you hit a high enough level with that vehicle. The idea was to encourage players to spend more time in each car and feel rewarded for that time with more spoilers and air filters.

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But the ‘car points’ currency system wasn’t popular among the Forza Motorsport community, with many players preferring the way it worked in previous releases – ie everything could be tuned from the get-go. So Turn 10’s pulled a u-ey.

Here’s the official literature, from the update 6 patch notes.

“We have removed the level restriction on performance parts, making them all available at Car Level 1. This allows players to install parts in any order they wish.

“Players can use in-game Credits to acquire Car Points when exiting the upgrade screen at a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points. This change gives you a choice to immediately upgrade your car using Credits, or if you're saving your Credits, you can earn Car Points for upgrades through car levelling as before.”

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The update also adds a long list of new multiplayer events and some choice new vehicles. Of particular interest to the boxy Eighties race machine enthusiast is the 1983 Nissan #23 Nissan Motorsports Silvia Super Silhouette, while fine art aficionados will nod appreciatively towards the 2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.

Forza Motorsport’s previous update added the legendary Nordschleife circuit to the base game for free. An extremely generous move for which we’ll forgive the absence of the Alfa Romeo SZ…

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