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Gaming: six of the best cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed

We selflessly spent hours hunched over a console to bring you these little gems. You're welcome

Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed

    As we've said before, this game really is an unexpected delight. Each car is a careful blend of weight, handling, speed, and boost; a finely balanced and expertly crafted universe where a rubbish truck and a supercar can compete. Yes folks, it's the world of Hot Wheels Unleashed, and after some exhaustive testing, we can reveal the six cars you need right now.

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  • Bump Around

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Bump Around

    Unsurprisingly, this one's very slow – so much so you may have fallen asleep before the first turn. However, the custom Luigi livery makes it unbearably cute, it's loaded with boost to keep it competitive, and its speed makes it perfect for new players to pick up the game.

    Though, perhaps not online. Its weeny dimensions make it particularly susceptible to being rammed off the road by bigger cars. Ask us how we know

    Rating: 6/10. Don’t use on Rainbow Road

  • DeLorean DMC-12

    Hot Wheels Unleashed DeLorean DMC-12

    The DeLorean isn’t the fastest car. Nor does it offer up the finest handling. And you can't upgrade it. And yet. And yet.

    If you can make it five minutes into the game without screeching '1.21 gigawatts' in a flustered manner, you're already doing better than us. Will quite possibly become your favourite car in the whole game, not least because it allows for some close racing, and of course features those movie-star looks and that numberplate.

    Rating: 88/10. This is heavy.

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  • Koenigsegg Jesko

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Koenigsegg Jesko

    Let’s start with the best car in game and what is, quite frankly, Cheat Mode. So fast and so well resolved, it'll make everything including time trials a rather trivial affair.

    In the so-called Real World, the Jesko features a 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and active rear wing. On the floor of your basement in cartoon form? Magic. No other car gets close.

    Plus, Hot Wheels has a community livery workshop allowing users to share their designs with the world. We couldn't resist a Buzz Lightyear scheme, because... well, why not.

    Rating: 10/10. To infinity and beyond.

  • Twin Mill

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Twin Mill

    We didn’t get to fully upgrade the Twin Mill, but even without them its possible to win a load of offline races. The car handles well, has some impressive top speed, and looks great drifting round your living room.

    Rating: 8/10. Tron livery makes you quicker. Possibly.

  • Winning Formula

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Winning Formula

    Forget Verstappen vs Hamilton. 2021's biggest on-track battle is a Winning Formula Hot Wheels car versus... everything else. If you can’t get your hands on the Jesko because of your bad luck in the loot crates, this is your next best bet of beating those difficult time trials.

    We of course decked ours out in British Racing Green.

    Rating: 9/10. For sure.

  • Incoming: Street Wiener

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Street Wiener

    Unbelievably, Hot Wheels Unleashed gives both the Koenigsegg Jesko and a car shaped like a sausage the same speed rating. Sure, why not.

    TG has yet to sample the delights of the Street Wiener, but frankly we can't wait, because it's a SAUSAGE CAR.

    Rating: ??/10. Could be a wiener.

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