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Jag XJ220 stars in new TG Forza pack

  • Xbox One-wielding Stig wannabes of the world: Forza Horizon 2 has been treated to added Top Gear-ness. Yup, there's a new TG car pack ready to download, featuring six new cars, from the dinky, classic Lotus Cortina to the military might of Lamborghini's bizarre LM002. And, yes, the glorious, strange XJ220.

    You can download the TG car pack now for $5.00, or unlock the set for free if you've got a nifty Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass. And what a set of cars it is...

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  • 2015 Lexus RC F

    Lexus didn't play the tease with its RC coupe, hanging around before unveiling a quick version. Nope, straight from the off it offered this sensationally manga-looking F version, complete with a 5.0-litre, totally un-turbocharged V8 behind that sharky grille churning out 479 angry Japanese horses.

    And under the crazy bodywork, pop-up wing and stacked exhausts, there's a typically Lexus tech overload, with a torque-vectoring differential, active G sensors and eight-speed paddleshift gearbox channeling the V8's revvy fury onto the road. Time to settle those RC F vs M4 debates for yourself...

    Top Gear drives the Lexus RC-F on road and track

  • 1993 Jaguar XJ220

    Time for one of the Nineties' more under-appreciated supercars to shine? As you almost certainly know by now, the XJ220 was hobbled by changes during its development, ditching its all-wheel drive V12 powertrain for a rear-drive set-up powered by a twin-turbo Metro rally car's V6. And it came out just in time for a global recession.

    Mind you, this 542bhp wedge of Britannia was for a short time the world's fastest car, remains one of the most beautiful, and perhaps Jag's most outlandish ever.

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  • 2014 BMW M235i

    Proof that despite the X6 M and 2 Series Active Mumsymobile thingy, BMW still cares about making genius-handling, people-pleasing drivers cars. The M235i cheekily steals all the best bits of the M135i hot hatch - the creamy straight-six engine, the perfect low-set driving position and drift-happy rear-drive layout - and blesses it with agreeable 2-Series coupe bodystyle.

    Top Gear drives the BMW M235i

  • 1986 Lamborghini LM002

    Ah yes, the original Lamborghini SUV. And forget claims from the Porsche Cayenne and Bentley Bentayga - the LM002 was the world's first super-SUV too. How could it not be, with its military-spec bodywork, bespoke tyres, and 290-litre fuel tank easily emptied by the Countach's V12 engine strung out up front?

    One of the seven wonders of the car world, and perhaps the ultimate example of 1980s excess.

    TG's guide to the Lamborghini LM002

  • 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Yes, it's in there - the ultimate version of the ultimate ‘entry-level' Ferrari supercar. Much stripyness, a 597bhp howler of a 4.5-litre V8, and such dedication to weight reduction that the glovebox has been binned in favour of an odd kneepad, like you find in garden centres to save your jeans from getting dirty.

    Attention to detail like that is what makes the Speciale one of Ferrari's all-time greats.

    Top Gear drives the Ferrari 458 Speciale around Elba

  • 1966 Lotus Cortina

    Engerlund! Engerlund! Sorry, but when you see the year 1966 (oh, glorious sporting triumph), and note it was also the time that brought us a lightweight Ford saloon powered by a tuned Lotus engine masterminded by Colin Chapman, well, it brings a tear to an Englishman's eye.

    Treat this old girl with some respect in your Forza universe, if you please.

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