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Stunning GT Sport will justify your Black Friday TV purchase

New Gran Turismo to support 4K UHD, HDR, BT2020 and other combinations of letters

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The Gran Turismo series has always served two roles. First, to be a brilliant, comprehensive racing sim built by and for unashamedly nerdy enthusiasts. Second, to allow the latest PlayStation consoles to flex their graphical muscle by rendering cars in increasingly ridiculous detail. Based on this sumptuous new trailer, GT Sport is looking like a scalpel-sharp chip off the old block.

Having been slightly underwhelmed by the visuals when the game was shown back in May, this latest trailer from PlayStation Experience over the weekend has launched our trousers clean across the room. Subjectivity is one thing, but judging by the laundry list of new graphical technologies supported, GT Sport will also be objectively the most beautiful racing game ever released.

The leap forward in fidelity is partly due to the recently released 4K-compatible PS4 Pro console, which is capable of throwing four times as many pixels at the screen as the vanilla PS4. That means crisper carbonfibre cockpits and the ability to pick out the apex at even greater distances. Like Clark Kent’s impressive career in newspaper journalism, though, it’s only part of the story.

A relatively new technology called High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is also supported on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. Essentially this means if you have a compatible TV, whites will be brighter and blacks will be darker. Think spectacular desert sunsets at Willow Springs and xenon headlights piercing the gloom during a midnight stint on the Nordschleife.

Ready for more? On the off chance your telly supports the BT2020 colour space, game director Kazunori Yamauchi reckons GT Sport will be the first game ever to accurately render Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa or McLaren’s Volcano Orange, both of which apparently sit outside of the colour range of common or garden televisions.

What all this impenetrable jargon means is if you just dropped the price of a small hatchback on a home entertainment system during Black Friday, GT Sport will take advantage of every single piece of technology on the spec sheet. Plus a few that aren’t even widely available yet.

Finally, if you’re ready to quit televisions and this plane of reality altogether, GT Sport also has a VR Tour mode for the new PlayStation VR headset, which impressed us recently. VR Tour is a smaller slice of the full game, but it gives you the chance to really press your nose up against those photorealistic dashboards and lean over to discover what’s in the passenger footwell of an AMG GT3 racer (answer: a fusebox, some wires).

Frustratingly, there’s still no word on a release date for GT Sport and developer Polyphony Digital has a reputation for taking its sweet time over these things. Still, there’s nothing, except maybe societal norms about personal hygiene, to stop you watching that trailer on loop until it arrives…

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