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Vettel nails the Red Bull 'X1'

If Top Gear tried to make a virtual car capable of immense speeds, it’d be a Bovril-powered rocket car with a gun rack in the boot.

Luckily for you, people with sense exist. Pray then, that Red Bull’s senior ‘make-me-fast-car’ chap Adrian Newey and gaming god Kazunori Yamauchi have come together.

They have built the Red Bull X1 - a virtual car free of restrictions and sporting a rather tasty sideline in engine noise. It is a theoretical answer to a question a lot of us probably ponder - what would the world’s fastest car look like?

To them, it looks - and sounds - like this.

It has a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine developing 1,483bhp and 527lb ft of torque, weighs just 545kg, revs to 15,000rpm, and has a theoretical top speed of 249mph. Pedestrian, considering Captain Slow got a Veyron to do 259.11mph.

Anyway, they’ve rustled up some workie in a race-suit to take it for a spin around GT5’s Nurburgring track. Watch and weep, puny earth cars…

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