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Ford Focus news - Geneva show: Ford Focus - 2010

I reckon this new Focus is more impressive
to look at than the new Fiesta was when it was released two years ago. Guess
how many people agree with me on that one? Zero. None. Zip.

Seems people love
the Fiesta’s styling more than me, and love this new Focus’s looks a bit less.
But I’m sticking to it anyway - this is a very neat, low, sleek-looking car in
five-door form which makes a Golf look about as interesting as gravel.

And the
new Focus wagon debuts at this show too - again, a smooth, simple, good-looking
estate that is very obviously mini-Mondeo in theme and none the worse for it.

This new Focus is a global car and its
platform will form the basis for 10 separate models, including an upcoming
three-door performance version for Europe and America. Despite numerous
appearances in movies and video games, it will be the first time the Yanks have
had a hot Focus and a small ripple of applause broke out at the technical
presentation as a result.

Demand for a proper showing of the car
early has been driven by the American market, too - we won’t see this car for
another year. But when it comes, expect it to go straight to the top of the
class. Anything less won’t be good enough for Ford.

See what else is being revealed in Geneva

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