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Lambo Gallardo Superleggera news - Geneva show: Lambo Gallardo Superleggera - 2010

have a saying in the TG office that goes something like, ‘If a motorshow
features the unveiling of a new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, it is
probably going to be a good motorshow’.

like Geneva will be a good ‘un, then. This is the new Gallardo Superleggera,
the lightweight edition of Lambo’s littlest supercar, and we shall take ours in
yellow, please. No, white. No, green. Any colour.

kick off with the diet strategy. The Superleggera is about 40kg lighter than a
standard Gallardo, thanks to liberal use of carbon fibre throughout the cabin,
including the centre console and seat shells. There’s further evidence of the
black weave on the outside of the car - just look at that rear wing and wing
mirror surrounds.

biggest weight saving comes from a set of new lightweight wheels, which shave
13kg off the Gallardo’s kerbweight.

to a 5.2-litre V10 putting out 562bhp - 10bhp more than the standard Gallardo -
and you’re looking at a potent thing. It’ll decimate 62mph in 3.5 seconds, and
- with improved aero and downforce, plus a stiffer suspension set-up - show its
full-fat brother a clean pair of heels on a suitably derestricted road.

all that doesn’t sound hardcore enough, why not spec your Superleggera with a
roll-cage and four-point harnesses? What’s that? Because your better half will
refuse to ever get in the car with you? Yeah, fair point.

Superleggera goes on sale in the UK later this spring - before which, of
course, we’ll have given it a thorough work-out and delivered you the verdict.
It’s fair to say we’re a little excited.

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