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Nissan GT-R Spec V news - Geneva show: Nissan GT-R Spec V - 2009

that Qazana-thing. Hiding in a top secret back room - OK, slightly secret side
room - off Nissan’s main stand is the car we really wanted to see: the GT-R
Spec V

This is
it, the lighter, track-focussed GT-R, the Nurburgring-obliterating weapon
bedecked in carbon fibre. Forget the dubious paint-job - it’s the Spec V’s
signature colour, but we can’t say we’re sold - and focus instead on the
mechanical goodness on show here.

The Spec
V is 60kg lighter than the standard GT-R, mainly by ripping out the rear seats
- there are just a pair of, well, holes there now - and adding lots of lovely
carbon fibre: there’s a beautiful carbon fibre spoiler, thinner carbon fibre
seats and a carbon fibre front splitter.

Potenza cut-slick tyres - which look like they’d be hellish through standing
water - along with stiffer springs and bigger brakes complete the mechanical

The Spec
V doesn’t get any extra power - but 470bhp was hardly shoddy in the first place
- but there’s now an ‘overboost’ function, which increases peak torque for up
to 80 seconds, and a freer-breathing titanium exhaust.

All of
which is good, but here’s the bad news: Nissan still hasn’t confirmed whether
the Spec V will make it to Europe. If it does, it’ll be in very limited numbers
- a couple of dozen only, perhaps - with a six-figure price tag. That’s pounds,
not yen, sadly.

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