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Get ready, Pagani fans, because between now and the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Pagani will unveil a ‘hardcore’ version of the Huayra coupe. We trust we have your attention?

Speaking to at this year’s Geneva motor show, Mr Pagani himself confirmed that the company was working on a special gift “built for all the Pagani fans around the world”.

When TG pressed as to whether this ‘gift’ would take the shape of a Huayra, Horacio smiled. “You guessed right. It’s going to be a hardcore version of the Huayra coupe.”

He wouldn’t be pushed on any more details, other than admitting that just 20 of these special edition Huayra coupes will be built, and they’ll only be offered to existing Pagani customers.

It won’t be a Huayra ‘R’, though. “I can think about a car like that,” Horacio told TG, “but it’s not in the plan at the moment. Let me finish the upcoming project first, and then think about another one!”

That upcoming project he mentions - after he’s showcased the hardcore Huayra - is next year’s Huayra roadster, confirmed for production and a Geneva 2016 motor show debut. It’s been four years in the making, and follows news that all 100 units of the Huayra coupe have sold out.

“The chassis is different, the top is different, the front and rear subframes are different, the transmission will be different and the engine will be more powerful,” says Horacio of the Huayra roadster.

How much more powerful? “It’ll get around 20bhp more than the coupe,” he said, which means a power output of some 750bhp from AMG’s 6.0-litre, twin-turbo V12 made specifically for Pagani.

We’re told the roadster will also be around 50kg lighter than the coupe, in what must be a world first. So if the coupe clocks in at 1350kg, well, you can work out the rest…

He reckons it’ll have similar pace to the Huayra coupe - if not a little faster because of that lower weight - but admits the aero package is different. “It shouldn’t have any problem reaching 200mph,” Horacio asserts.

Like the Huayra coupe, just 100 units of the roadster will be built. Up to now, nobody outside Pagani has seen it, but it’ll be shown to dealers and potential customers as of 4 March 2015. Horacio reckons at least ten cars will be sold straight away.

One person surely at the front of the queue for this Roadster is a customer from Hong Kong, who, Horacio told us, upon purchasing his Huayra Coupe in 2011, immediately put down €100,000 on a potential Roadster. Four years before it was even announced.

“This is really loyal, someone who trusts in the brand,” Horacio said. “All of our customers are friends, but they are also collectors, so they have cars like LaFerrari, 918, Aventador, Veyron, Pagani of course… so they ask me which new performance car to buy also.”

So you’ve got a harder Huayra, and then the roadster in 2016. What’s in store after that? “If you take a look at the history of the Zonda,” he said, “it’s not that hard to imagine. We will probably follow that pattern. We will have the roadster, the coupe - that hardcore ‘gift’ - maybe a special edition roadster, another ‘gift’, and then back and forth like that.”

Sounds like a good few years ahead for one of TG’s favouritest performance brands, no?

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