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Pininfarina has created a hybrid Tesla rival

Hybrid Kinetic H600 is only a concept, but it looks spot on to us...

This is the Pininfarina H600, and well, it looks rather handsome doesn’t it. There’s some Volvo in the body surfacing and grille, perhaps some Jaguar-ness in the stance and roofline as well. So lets get the bad news out of the way straight off: it’s a concept car, and you won’t be able to chop in a BMW 5 Series or Audi A6 for it any time soon.

Or a Tesla for that matter, because the H600 is in fact a hybrid. Being the fruit of an Italian design house, data on the H600’s powertrain is notable by its absence: there’s no CO2 figure or battery range to coo over. Merely, we’re told the “luxury sedan concept with hybrid propulsion is both elegant and comfortable, a perfect combination of pure design and eco-friendly technology.”

Hong Kong’s Hybrid Kinetic Group has commissioned the car as a showcase for its propulsion tech to be shown at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Inside, there are more Tesla nods, with a giant touchscreen dominating the front of the cabin, and seats supported by a single pillar, Model X-style.

Meanwhile, there’s phosphor blue ambient lighting – very Jaguar – and the whole space has been designed around the concept of (you guessed it) a lounge. The woodgrain is supposed to hark back to traditional cabinet making, and is used in the floor and seat backs. And who wouldn’t want a lounge with suicide doors?

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