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Pininfarina’s HK GT will do 0-62mph in 2.7s

Gullwing-doored electric 2+2 revealed in Geneva. But it’s only for Asia

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Of late, the motoring world’s ever-shifting landscape makes it difficult to align what you want, from what you should want. Step forward Pininfarina, who has cooked up a four-seat, butterfly-doored hybrid capable of 0-62mph in 2.7s.

It’s called the HK GT, and before you get all gooey – if that is indeed what you get – it’s designed for the Asian markets. Still, it covers modern ground: electric drivetrain from a Chinese start-up? Check. Classic Italian Gran Turismo design flourishes? Check. Mad, motor-show friendly door arrangement? Check and check.

We’ll let you decide on the end result, but it’s a fine looking thing; long, sculpted bonnet flowing over to a ‘gently descending’ rear. And of course, gullwing doors.

The chassis is made from aluminium, and underneath you’ll find 38KWh of ‘super batteries’, four independent permanent magnet motors and a two speed transmission. There’s torque vectoring, regenerative braking, and the choice of three range extenders: a microturbine generator, hydrogen fuel cell, or good old fashioned internal combustion.

Total power stands at 800KW (1,073bhp if you can make an equivalent), and as such, this 5m long electric HK is capable of that rocket-like acceleration figure, and a top speed of 217mph flat out. Not too shabby, right? In pure electric mode it’ll do 160km, or well over 1000km with a range extender.

Though, this might dip should you flip it into ‘race’ mode. Doesn’t alter the powertrain, but merely puts you in the mood to tear it up: the interior gets red lighting, and the dash display only gives Very Important Information. ‘Cruise’ provides a calming, blue light signature inside, and ‘information sharing’ between all passengers. Driving information, you understand, otherwise that’d be weird.

Have a look inside, too: all animated door panels this and large touch screens that. Very modern. No word on price, nor production quantities. But it does showcase Pininfarina’s ongoing collaboration with the Hybrid Kinetic Group, and it’s coming along nicely…

Elsewhere on the Pininfarina stand, you’ll find the H2 Speed. We’ve already seen it – a couple of years ago – but this is the final production version. Only 12 models of this hydrogen racing car will be built, featuring a carbon, LMP-evolved chassis, a hydrogen powertrain with four electric race motors (653bhp), carbon brakes and torque vectoring.


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