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Golf Bluemotion news - Golf on the green - 2008

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We’ve spent the last couple of hours getting all
excited - OK, not actually excited… understatedly impressed, maybe - by the
stats on Volvo’s eco-efficient new DRIVe range.

But this blows them out the metaphorical green water.

This is the new Golf Bluemotion, the greened-up
version of VW’s sixth-gen hatchback with the standard skinny tyres, long
gearing and aero trickery. You know how it all works by now.

But jeez, does it work. You want numbers? How about
74mpg and 99g/km of CO2? Yes, that’s as efficient and clean as the current Polo
Bluemotion, already one of the greenest cars on sale in the UK. That’s a free
tax disc.

Despite such frugality, the Golf’s 1.6-litre
common-rail turbodiesel will still reach 60mph in a reasonably respectably 11.3
seconds, putting out 104bhp and 184lb ft of torque in the process.

The bad news? There’s always bad news. VW is calling
the Bluemotion Golf a concept at the moment, which means production could still
be some way off.

However, we can’t imagine they’d announce such
impressive figures for a concept and then scale them down (or up, depending on
which way you’re looking at it) on the production version.

You wouldn’t do that to
us, would you, VW? Would you?

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