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Guess the stripped car - now with answers!

Published: 07 Jul 2011

These are pictures of classic car body shells that have been dunked in a BATH OF ACID by a company called Surface Processing Limited.

It gets rid of nasty stuff like old paint, rust and filler in preparation for body repairs and/or lightweighterizing for racers without damaging the good metal. It also provides the likes of you and I with a fun - albeit frustratingly taxing - game of Guess That Car. In your FACE dull Thursday afternoon.

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Click here to play!

Can any TopGear.comrades guess what they are? ONE MILLION INTERNET POINTS if you can get ‘em all. We'll post the answers and closest winner at the end of Friday (UK time), so you've got some time to research...


And the answers are...

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1. Ford Focus
2. BMW E30 M3
3. Jaguar E-Type
4. BMW M1
5. Lancia Aurelia B 24 Spider
6. Triumph Spitfire
7. Aston Martin DB4
8. Austin Maxi
9. Datsun Bluebird Coupe
10. Citroen DS
11. Fiat Panda
12. Ford Ka
13. Vauxhall Insignia
14. Lamborghini Miura
15. Lancia Stratos

Thanks for playing our fiendishly difficult game. If we're honest, we didn't think anybody would get every single answer right, but we were wrong. Almost.

Vasco74, you've done it! Well, nearly. The ninth car is a Datsun, but it's an 810 coupe, not a 180B. But we'll let you off.

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