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While no one has yet been attacked by a psycho in a hockey mask wielding a chainsaw, Friday 13th May has not been an auspicious one at Top Gear HQ.

First, as seen above, our sub-editor opened his front door this morning to see a tree arranged neatly over the roof. That’s a Honda Civic 1998 1.6i ES V-TEC under there.

Then our long-term Golf R - a very popular and in-demand car these past few weeks - decided to develop a crack across its windscreen for no apparent reason. 

To top it all, Jeremy and James were then spotted by BBC News in Lincoln, running calamitously low on fuel while piloting a Nissan Leaf and Peugeot iOn.

“To be brutally honest, our visit to Lincoln is a matter of circumstance. But we are rather glad it happened,” said Slow.

It might be better to just go back to bed until tomorrow. Any more spooky car-based mishaps occurring out there, TopGear.commers?  

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