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Honda's lovely little S660 has already sold out. In Japan

Fresh from not being on sale in Europe, now you can't even buy an S660 in its home market

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We’ve not been subtle in our pleas to bring the delectable little Honda S660 to Europe. And why would we be? It looks superb, asks of only a small pile of money, and is usefully, inoffensively teeny. The perfect city car, it would seem.

So agrees Japan, the S660’s home market and thus far the only country able to actually buy it. Honda has today announced that this year’s allocation of Japanese S660s – 8,600 of the little blighters – has now completely sold out.

If you want the little Kei-regulation roadster, or its feistier Mugen mutant, then you’ll have to loiter around a Japanese Honda dealer in October, waiting for the order books (we do hope they’re actual books) to open up for 2016 deliveries.

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Given it’s an affordable little sports car designed by someone in his mid-20s, it may surprise you to know that more than 80 per cent of the S660’s buyers are over 40. Honda evangelists eagerly snapping up its first interesting car for ages could be the answer, but so could a dwindling demand for cars among the yoof.

Anyway, we’re straying from the real issue. If Honda can crank out more of these things, we reckon they will sell just as well over here. Rumours suggest an S1000 could come to Europe, with a more raucous 1-litre turbo engine roughly doubling the 63bhp of the S660.

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It could all be poppycock, but we’re really hoping it’s not. Please, Honda…

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