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Honda Civic Type R news - Civic Type R hits Japan - 2009

In your face, Japan! You may have far surpassed us humble Brits in the delicate art of building sturdy, reliable mass-market cars - and electrical equipment, and, er, just about everything else - but we’re still the kings of the hot hatch.

That’s why Honda has chosen to import the Swindon-built Civic Type R hatchback to Japan.

See, Japanese fans of high-revving loonmobiles can already buy the home-built Civic Type R saloon, but it seems there’s some demand for the three-door hatchback variant - and Swindon’s the only factory that builds it.

The Civic Type R hatch is already exported to South Africa and Australia (as part of a gap year programme, in exchange for which we receive several thousand improbably tanned bar staff) but it’s something of a coup for the Japanese to admit they want their hot hatch back.  

We’ll do you a deal, Japan. You can have our Civic Type R… if we can have your Honda Zest Spark.

Now watch Clarkson thrash the Type R: 

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