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Porsche 911 news - Make your 911 old! - 2010

Are you one of the 6,828,794,202* people in the world who missed out on a 911 Sport Classic?

Us too. With just 250 of the retrolicious, duck-arsed Porsches made, Sport Classic ownership is a privilege offered to a pitiful 0.000037** per cent of the population.

Thankfully, because Porsche is of a populist bent, it is now offering some of the nice bits of the Sport Classic to existing 911 owners on a bolt-it-on-yerself basis.

In particular, you can now pick up these lovely 19-inch Fuchs alloys (pronounced Foosh, we think, to prevent schoolboy giggling) for the bargain price of, er, 5,569 Euro (£4,782). Including tyres.

And it seems our relentless whinging has paid off. After just a couple of years of complaining that the wheel-mounted shift buttons for Porsche’s PDK gearbox are (a) confusing and (b) also very confusing, you can now have proper shiny paddles - à la 911 Turbo and, er, any Volkswagen with DSG - retro-fitted to your Porsche. Moaning for the win!

Anyhow. Those Fuchs alloys got us thinking: what retro part would you most like to see available as a modern add-on? We’ll throw the Escort Cosworth’s whale tail spoiler out there for starters. Imagine that on a Focus RS…

*Figure immediately out of date, we realise. Damn population growth.
** Figure also immediately out of date.

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