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Vauxhall launches Insignia VXR Supersport

Published: 07 Nov 2012

Supersport badges don't usually come cheap. Especially if the words "Jaguar", "Bentley" or "Bugatti" are anywhere near it. But now there's this, the new Vauxhall Insignia VXR Supersport - it costs less than £30k, and it'll do 170mph...

It replaces the previous Insignia VXR in fine street sleepery style - beyond the badges, there's only a set of blue Brembo stickers on the brake calipers and a splash of bespoke instruments to distinguish it - all the good stuff's underneath...

Now Vauxhall's thrown the old 155mph speed limiter in the bin, the 321bhp 2.8-litre turbo V6 can stretch terminal velocity to 170mph. The engine, which has a racecar-esque micro-alloy forged steel crank and die-cast alloy sump, still gets it from 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds via an all-wheel drive system though, which is the same as before.

But one very important thing has changed. The pricetag. At £29,995, it's £3670 cheaper, making it the UK's fastest sub-£30,000 car. And it's not like you get less kit (well, apart from that speed limiter) - you get Vauxhall's HiPerStrut front suspension, which maintains negative camber and reduces the dreaded understeer, and FlexRide adaptive damping system (just like the new wafty Cascade rag-top) with a VXR setting for extra raceyness.

The only thing that'll get near it for bangs per buck is the £29,995 316bhp BMW M135i.

Which would you rather have, TopGear.commers?

And in case you're wondering, the old cars pictured are a Vauxhall C10 ‘Prince Henry' and the UK's first 100mph production car, the 30-98.

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