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Infiniti M35 HYBRID news - M is for hybrid - 2009

Back in August, Infiniti showed us its new M, a 5-Series/E-Class rival set to reach the UK next summer.

We thought it looked quite nice, in a sort of Panamera-meets-Lexus-IS-with-maybe-a-bit-of-BMW-1-Series-too sort of way. And now Infiniti has announced that it will introduce a hybrid version of the M in 2011, inventively called the M35 HYBRID.

No, that’s not us using capital letters for dramatic effect. It’s actually called the M35 HYBRID, which could get a bit tiresome if you actually have to SHOUT each time you mention it.

The hybrid will feature an electric motor providing power to the rear wheels alongside Nissan’s 3.5-litre V6. It’ll feature a twin-clutch transmission, with the first clutch installed between the V6 and the electric motor. Infiniti says this set-up will provide more linear performance than existing hybrid systems.

Like the Lexus LS, the M35 HYBRID (yep, getting irritating already) can run on a combination of electric and petrol power for maximum performance, or solely on electric power for a short period of time. The battery will recharge from both the engine and from energy recovered during braking.

Infiniti has not yet released any performance or economy details for the M35 HYBRID, but expects it to reach the road early in 2011. 

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