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What’s the finest new engine in the world? The 6.3-litre V12 from the Ferrari F12? McLaren’s ballistic twin-turbo V8 that sees service in the 12C?

No and no. According to the important humans who pass judgment upon such matters, the finest powerplant on the planet displaces not even a litre. For the second year in a row, Ford’s 1.0-litre, three-cylinder Ecoboost has been crowned International Engine of the Year.

Such yoghurt-weaving greenism would generally send TG into paroxysms of petrolhead indignation, were the Ecoboost engine not so annoyingly, brilliantly brilliant. We love it in the Fiesta, we love it in the Focus… in fact, we love it so much that, late last year, we asked Ford to stick a hopped-up Ecoboost into a road-legal formula racer for us.

Which they did. Things turned out very fast.

Elsewhere in the doubtless emotional and champagne-fuelled Engine Oscars, VW’s 1.4-litre TSI clinched the New Engine award, Fiat’s 875cc two-cylinder CNG won the Green Engine award, and Ferrari scooped double honours in the Performance Engine and Above 4.0-litre categories.

You want all the winners? You got it:

International Engine of the Year: Ford 999c three-cylinder turbo

New Engine of the Year: Volkswagen 1.4-litre TSI ACT

Green Engine of the Year: Fiat 875cc two-cylinder turbo CNG

Performance Engine of the Year: Ferrari 6.3-litre V12

Sub 1-litre Engine of the Year: Ford 999cc three-cylinder turbo

1-litre to 1.4-litre Engine of the Year: Volkswagen 1.4-litre TSI Twincharger

1.4-litre to 1.8-litre Engine of the Year: BMW-PSA 1.6-litre turbo petrol

1.8-litre to 2.0-litre Engine of the Year: BMW 2.0-litre twin-turbo four-cylinder

2.0-litre to 2.5-litre Engine of the Year: Audi 2.5-litre turbo

2.5-litre to 3.0-litre Engine of the Year: Porsche 2.7-litre DI

3.0-litre to 4.0-litre Engine of the Year: McLaren 3.8-litre V8

Above 4.0-litre Engine of the Year: Ferrari 6.3-litre V12

Highly commended were BMW’s 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 from the M5 and M6, Mercedes-AMG’s 5.5-litre V8 as seen doing excellent service in the E63 and SL63, Lamborghini’s 6.5-litre V12 and the 898cc three-pot from…the Dacia Sandero!

Agree with the winners? If not, what should have been on the list?

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