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Some of the best quotes of 2013

  1. It’s been quite a year for interviews on

    Arnold Schwarzenegger told us about his car collection (including a tank). Ken Block revealed he’d rather fight one hundred duck sized horses than a horse-sized duck. Kris Meeke warned us on the dangers of suicidal animals. Christian Horner revealed why he picked Daniel Ricciardo over Kimi Raikkonen. Mika Hakkinen told us everything.

    And Taki Inoue (above)? He told us about testicles and crashing and… well, you’ll just have to read the full interview to understand the madness. Trust us, it’s worth it.

    Here, for your delectation, is’s year in quotes.

  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    “I’ve broken six ribs in the past, I’ve nearly wiped out several times on my motorcycles, and have had my fair share of accidents in cars and with my tank. Yes, I have a tank”.

    Read the interview here

  3. Ken Block

    “I would say [I’d fight] the 100 duck-sized horses because you could sucker kick them.”

    Read the interview here

  4. Gerard Butler

    “My Range Rover is great for LA. You can take surfboards on it and stick some bikes in the back. And if you kidnap people you could tie them up in the back, there’s space for your chloroform…”

    Read the interview here

  5. Vin Diesel

    “Choosing the car you drive is like choosing your wardrobe, maybe even more important.”

    Read the interview here

  6. Kris Meeke

    “Animals are suicidal ******** and can do a lot of damage. Makkinnen crashed here in 1997 because of a cow. Best to wait and make sure the way’s clear”

    Read the interview here

  7. Robert Kubica

    “Because my hand is weak, I use a special hydraulic system that operates a mechanical sequential gearbox. Without it it’d be virtually impossible to drive it because of the damage to my hand. It doesn’t affect my driving though.”

    Read the interview here

  8. Cameron Diaz

    “The whole experience has really stayed with me. Dunsfold pops into my head at the strangest times, and I run the track through in my head. ‘I can go faster there and there…’”

    Read the interview here

  9. Bruce Willis' stunt driver

    “Something went wrong, and I fell 27 feet headfirst into the street. No, scratch that, I fell face-first. I apparently got my hands out in front of me to break the fall, because afterwards I had compound fractures on both wrists, and the right side of my face was pretty much destroyed.”

    Read the interview here

  10. Marek Reichmann

    “I remember being around when we were receiving the first parts for the first prototype One-77. Just unwrapping these beautiful carbon fibre bits and machined engine parts was like Christmas every day.”

    Read the interview here

  11. Niki Lauda

    “I had seen my injuries at their worst. The horror. I finally understood how people at the time must have felt…”

    Read the interview here

  12. Christian Horner

    “Well, [Ricciardo] was cheaper than Raikkonen”

    Read the interview here

  13. Sebastien Buemi

    “It was very frustrating for me because you want to fight until the end, but I can understand the team was under pressure: you’ve been racing for 24hrs and you don’t want anything bad to happen at the end.”

    Read the interview here

  14. Taki Inoue

    “When balls move, brain is fine. When big crash, scissors, take off the overalls, see the balls, hit the balls, then when balls move, this guy’s fine. If balls don’t move, then there’s a problem with brain damage, I think.”

    Read the interview here

  15. Chris Hemsworth

    “I was under-fed and had to over-train. My wife was like, ‘please, just eat something!’ It changes your personality in some weird ways. I remember going somewhere and thinking, ‘Who am I? I’ve got nothing to say.’ Absolutely nothing was firing…”

    Read the interview here

  16. Daniel Brühl

    “He doesn’t give a s***. He has no vanity. He could have had full plastic surgery, but he only had done what he needed to do to go back racing. Because he’s so open, you don’t even notice his appearance.”

    Read the interview here

  17. Sebastien Loeb

    “I don’t think it’s really changed. They’ve tried to reduce the costs and there’s only one tyre choice now, which is a bit s***. I thought it was better before.”

    Read the interview here

  18. Johnny Knoxville

    “I broke my penis once trying to backflip a motorcycle. That was ******.”

    Read the interview here

  19. Ken Block [again]

    “Sure, the James May film was definitely one of my favourites, but honestly, Gymkhana 5 in San Francisco will be hard to top. Like, ever.”

    Read the interview here

  20. Felipe Massa

    “It felt like the times were changing. Our careers are very short and things happen very quickly. I started when I was twenty and now I’m 32, but things change, and change is important.”

    Read the interview here

  21. Mika Hakkinen

    “I admire the three guys and how they do their challenges. It’s a mega job. But, with James May in Finland…erm, I did not see too much talent and hope.”

    Read the interview here

  22. Kazunori Yamauchi

    “I crashed on the same corner that Niki Lauda crashed on all those years ago. We had three cars lined up next to each other, going in at around 137mph, and the cars just hit each other. I swung off into a wall.”

    Read the interview here

  23. Peter Griffin

    “I watched the movie Crash - the one with Matt Dillon ‘cause Lois wouldn’t let me watch the dirty one with the chick from Broadcast News.”

    Read the interview here

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