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Keen watchers of Top Gear may recall that Jeremy bid “Sayonara!” to the Zonda a few years ago with the ‘can’t drive on the street/maybe some tracks (if they’re nice)’ Zonda R. But like those annoying Zombies in Call of Duty, the Zonda is a supercar that refuses to die. We’re not complaining, obviously, but it does appear that now, this Zonda ‘Revolucion’ is apparently it.

It’s a fettled Zonda R that’s out to snatch its bigger brother’s Green Hell lap time - the current ‘Ring record holder. How? Lots of power, not a lot of weight and some very clever aero. Oh, and a £1.8 million (plus taxes) price tag.

Power comes from AMG’s naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12, all 789bhp and 538lb ft of it. That’s 50bhp and 14lb ft more torque than the old Zonda R. And thanks to a carbotanium tub, it only weighs in at 1070kg - less than a Mini Cooper. Power gets to the rear wheels thanks to a 6-speed magnesium transversal and sequential gearbox, and all those words basically mean it swaps cogs in 20 millieseconds. Which depending on the size of your eye, susceptibility to hayfever and minus the inclusion of a twitch, is probably faster than you can blink.

What’s most impressive is the F1-technology they’ve incorporated. There’s a new aero package, which means lots of carbon fibre appendages, a massive rear diffuser and the inclusion of DRS (Drag-Reduction-System) on the rear wing. They’ve also put more powerful carbon brake discs on all four corners that are 15 per cent lighter than the R’s, so it can brake harder for longer and with less fade.

What’ll all this mean round the Nordschlife? Well, Top Gear spoke to Davide Testi - Pagani’s chief test driver - last week, and he reckons it could be up to 15 seconds quicker than the Zonda R. Woah.

What do you think TG.commers, is this a suitable final farewell for the Zonda?


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