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A day in the life of... Ken Block

What does a Rallycross day involve for Mr B? 5am starts and Muay Thai...

Published: 06 Dec 2016


Wake up, turn off my alarm, and turn on my iPhone to check emails, text messages and social feeds. Make a protein shake to get my metabolism going, then FaceTime my wife and kids.

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Out the door of the hotel and off to the track for breakfast. Our team chefs usually prepare me something: usually, sausages, rice and mixed fruit. Review in-car footage from the day before.


I’ll meet with my team director, Derek Dauncey, and talk about our set-ups for the day with the car, then begin my warm-up routines – reflex drills and some Muay Thai pad work to get my blood flowing and get my body in a state of readiness for door-to-door combat.

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Sitting in my Ford Focus RS RX rallycross car ready to go. We typically get two warm-up laps on Sunday of a race weekend.


Qualifying race 3 and 4. This is where you find out if you’re going to make it on to the semi-finals or not. Noooo pressure. Ha!

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By now I’m back in the paddock and focused on one thing: lunch. Usually a small salad, some grilled chicken and some rice. Occasionally I’ll break out the Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce.


At every round of the World Rallycross Championship, Monster throws these huge parties with DJs, Monster Girls dancing, prize giveaways and autographs for the fans are all a part of it.


As long as I am in the top three of one of the two semis, then I am in the big show, the final. Six cars face off to try to win in the biggest race of the weekend.


Post-race trophy presentation, media interviews. My driving suit might now be soaked through with champagne. Great for the first five minutes, then just sticky and smells like sweat mixed with champagne going sour.


Post-race debrief to discuss set-ups and car issues and to prepare for the next race. This is a VERY important part of the weekend.


Back at the hotel, I can finally grab an end-of-day shower and call home to my wife and kids. Depending on how well the weekend went, I may head out for some adult beverages with the team or friends.

10.00pm or 2am:

Depending on how much we have to celebrate, back into bed and trying to get as much sleep as possible before a 5am departure for the airport...

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