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Ten Things We Learned This Week

  1. 1. Red Bull are very fast at doing pit stops

    At last
    weekend’s Austin GP, Red Bull clocked a 1.923-second pitstop on Mark Webber’s
    car. That’s the first time a pit crew has broken under the two second barrier,
    beating Red Bull’s own record of 2.05 seconds at the Malaysian Grand Prix this

    Of course,
    F1 pit stops have become somewhat quicker after the ban on refueling in 2010.
    Even so, that’s a mighty impressive time. Or maybe they’re just trying to get
    rid of Mark Webber more quickly…


  2. 2. We must have a Youabian Puma and we must have it now

    It measures
    615cm from nose to tail. Which is nearly a metre longer than a Rolls-Royce
    Wraith. It packs a 500bhp, 7.0-litre GM V8. It has 44-inch wheels and will do
    0-62mph in six seconds. It is the Youabian Puma, it was unveiled at the LA
    Show, and it may be our favourite thing in the history of ever. Bow before the
    Puma. Bow.

  3. 3. The hybrid VW Up will go from John O’Groats to Rome on a tank of fuel

    diesel-electric ‘Twin-Up’ returns an official 258mpg
    . It has a 33-litre fuel
    tank. Which means, if Top Gear’s Top Gear Maths is correct, it should go 1873
    miles between refuels. Which is enough to get you from John O’Groats to Rome,
    with enough left in the tank to find a parking space.

    In the real
    world you will struggle to achieve 1873 miles per tank, for two reasons. One,
    official consumption figures are always wildly over-optimistic, particularly
    when it comes to hybids. Two, and more pressingly, the Twin-Up is only a
    concept. But it’ll be real. Soon. Been nice knowing you, Shell, BP, Esso…

  4. 4. Maria Sharapova is taller than a Porsche Macan

    One’s an
    international sports star with several Grand Slam titles. The other is Maria
    Sharapova. No, that’s not right, is it?

    Check out
    our gallery of the good, the bad and the very long-legged from the LA Show… 

  5. 5. This is the successor to the McLaren F1 (sort of)

    In the
    early Nineties, Gordon Murray designed the McLaren F1, the 243mph three-seater
    that permanently changed the face of hypercars. Now Murray has teamed up with
    Yamaha on this, the Motiv city car

    two-seater isn’t QUITE so fast as the F1 – it’s all-electric, will take 15
    seconds to get to 62mph and isn’t capable of breaking the UK’s motorway speed
    limit – but, in its own way, might be just as revolutionary. Why? Let James May

  6. 6. The man who crashed his hybrid at 178mph loves Top Gear

    Gillespie crashed his modified Honda Insight at 178mph. It was a big crash.
    Brian survived, because he is as hard as nails. We featured the video of Brian
    Gillespie’s crash on this very website
    , because we are rubber-necking voyeurs who are obsessed by big crashes. And then Brian’s wife popped up in our comments
    section to say that Brian loves Top Gear, and seeing her husband’s MASSIVE CRASH
    on ‘made her day’.

    There are
    two morals of this story. One, the Good Lord Of Speed Runs does not like
    eco-hybrids. Two, Brian and his wife are awesome.

  7. 7. The Jaguar F-Type Coupe is even more powerful and you’re not even reading this you’re just looking at it aren’t you

    Jag puts a
    roof on its two-seat sports thing, gives it a 542bhp supercharged V8 and to be
    honest we stopped reading all the technical stuff at that point and just stared
    at the F-Type Coupe in happy wonder. Look. Look at it. And listen to it. Now
    decide to what level of financial immorality you’re prepared to stoop to buy

  8. 8. The new Need For Speed film trailer features a Koenigsegg Agera and some slow-motion screaming and a McLaren P1 on its roof and lots of fire and a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and…

    This is
    what happens when you turn a computer game into a movie. Acting? Plot? Who
    cares about acting and plot when there’s a MUSTANG DANGLING BELOW A HELICOPTER?

  9. 9. The Nissan BladeGilder is actually a butchered Ariel Atom

    reckons its fat-at-the-back-thin-at-the-front Deltawing concept will work on
    road as well as track. To prove this, it invited us to the middle of the
    Arizona desert to drive its prototype ‘BladeGlider’
    . We were excited.

    When we
    turned up, we discovered the prototype BladeGlider was in fact an Ariel Atom
    with the front chopped up. This was unexpected. But turns out you can learn
    rather a lot from a butchered lump of Somerset scaffolding…

  10. 10. Nissan wants to build a retro rival to the Toyota GT-86

    The Company
    Formerly Known As Datsun revealed two rear-drive coupe concepts at the Tokyo
    show, a pair of blocky, old-school beauties designed to reengage da yoof of
    today with sports cars.

    We want
    Nissan to build them. And the good news is that Nissan really, really wants to
    build them too. But this requires you to give its iDx concepts the thumbs-up.

    “If we get
    a great reaction with the concept,” company boss Carlos Ghosn told Top Gear,
    “that makes a business.”

    You know
    what you gotta do…

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