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Lamborghini Toro Tractor concept news - A proper Chelsea tractor - 2009

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Lamborghini, as the elder and more agricultural among you may remember (or have read on Wikipedia), started off building tractors.

Strangely, it stays quiet about that one nowadays (unlike, say, Saab and its blasted aerospace heritage), but one Canadian designer has decided to thrust Lambo right back to its post-war roots with this, the Toro tractor concept.

OK, so it’s not quite as cool a design study as the retro SL or the even retroer P1600, but it’s kinda cute nonetheless.

Sort of Pixar’s Cars meets Tonka, don’t you think? Though we can’t help worrying it’ll look a bit less cute when splattered in bovine effluent and festooned with mangled bits of sheep.

Designer Jason Battersby is staying curiously schtum on what powertrain might underpin the Toro, but it’s always fun to speculate. How about, say, a twin-turbo V12 putting out 800bhp or so? That’ll sort out those pesky goats.

Or, since it’s a farm vehicle, a monster diesel? The V12 out the Audi Q7 would do just fine…

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