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Lexus Nuaero news - Take your LS600h... - 2008

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Want to know what rich, chief exec types are going to be driving in The Future?

(Yes, that’s The Future in capitals - the one with the evil robots and floating cities and Tom Cruise running around with a determined look on his face.)

They’ll be driving this, if you believe design student Jon Radbrink.

This is the Lexus Nuaero, a never-going-to-be-made concept demonstrating what a large, lightweight luxury car might look like in the year 20-something-or-other.

Looks pretty awesome doesn’t it?

It’s one of the concepts from the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design course, which features a bunch of outlandish creations plucked from various points along the genius/madness parabola.

Want proof? The Nuaero doesn’t get pedals or a steering wheel, but instead an aeroplane-style steering pad.

“Since the car is powered by electrical motors found in each of the four wheels,” says Radbrink, “there is no transmission, and you brake intuitively by pushing the steering wheel away from the body.” Interesting.

But let’s not worry too much about the vapourware - or the fact that, with wheelarches like that, you’ll struggle to actually turn round corners - and instead admire the lovely pointy curves of the Nuareo.

That’s what the future’s going to be like. Pointy and curvy. And quite tall.

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