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The priciest options... in the world

  1. Personalisation. The polite term for that fist-biting, cash-melting stage of speccing your brand new car. And personalisation is a service pretty much every manufacturer’s expanded - from Rolls-Royce’s boutiquey bespoke department to Vauxhall’s deeply irritating Adam options.

    Thing is, it ain’t cheap. We’ve been rummaging through new data from CAP Automotive, which breaks down the price of every option available on every major car currently on sale in the UK. So we’ve plucked out the ten most expensive. And just to help those numbers live a bit, we’ve told you how many Sanderos you could buy by leaving it unticked…

    Click on for £24,000 paint jobs, £15,000 seats, and £9,120 headlinings…

  2. Rolls-Royce Wraith: Starlight Headlining

    Cost: £9,120
    In Sanderos: 1.5
    Cost of car: £228,800
    Percentage of cost new: 4.0%

    What you get:
    1,600 tiny fiber-optic lights hand-sewn into the fabric above your head. That’s £5.70 a light, and still tremendously expensive.

  3. BMW Alpina B7: Lavalina II leather upholstery

    Cost: £11,050
    In Sanderos: 1.8
    Cost of car: £97,905
    Percentage of cost new: 11.3%

    What you get:
    Posh leather on your chairs. You can chose your own piping, stitching and rhomb colours, too.

  4. Bentley Flying Spur: Carbon Ceramic Brakes with Red Callipers

    Cost: £11,755
    In Sanderos: 1.9
    Cost of car: £155,740
    Percentage of cost new: 7.5%

    What you get:
    Carbon Ceramic Brakes with Red Callipers, surprisingly. And, after stopping hard at the end of a long straight, a lightly rearranged face.

  5. Bentley Continental GT: Full Carbon Fibre Interior Pack

    Cost: £14,100
    In Sanderos: 2.3
    Cost of car: £139,000
    Percentage of cost new: 10.1%

    What you get:
    A bunch of carbon fibre on the centre and roof consoles. A weight saving of approximately three milligrams.

  6. Audi A8: Exclusive Leather Equipment and Trim Package

    Cost: £14,275
    In Sanderos: 2.3
    Cost of car: £63,305
    Percentage of cost new: 22.5%

    What you get:
    It costs nearly a quarter of your A8 again, and allows you to go as mad as you like you with the company’s colour palettes. Whatever colour you can dream of, many-tone seats, clashing stitching, and any inlay you like: any visual atrocity is yours for the speccing. And for an awful lot of money.

  7. Maserati GranCabrio: Matte Paint

    Cost: £15,000
    In Sanderos: 2.5
    Cost of car: £110,625
    Percentage of cost new: 13.6%

    What you get:
    Paint you can’t polish. A small saving on your annual T-Cut bill.

  8. Bentley Mulsanne V8: Entertainment Specification Pack

    Cost: £21,145
    In Sanderos: 3.5
    Cost of car: £228,200
    Percentage of cost new: 9.3%

    What you get:
    Actually, quite a lot. The pack adds electrically folding picnic tables to the front seats, which have special slots for iPads and wireless keyboards. You also get a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to eight devices and uses an antenna in the boot lid to hook up to the internet. It also includes a pair of eight-inch LCD screens in the front-seat headrests, a Naim sound system, and Bluetooth headphones so you don’t distract Jeeves.

  9. Bentley Mulsanne V8 Driving Spec: Personalised Satin Paint

    Cost: £23,845
    In Sanderos: 3.9
    Cost of car: £241,805
    Percentage of cost new: 9.9%

    What you get:
    Your very own, very satin paint colour. Why so pricey? Bentley says that satin can’t be locally reworked and polished, so even the most miniscule imperfection means the entire panel gets stripped back and refinished until it’s perfect. So far, the company’s been asked to match a paint finish to nail polish, a 50-year old classic Bentley and a shade of turquoise on a food mixer.

  10. Rolls-Royce Phantom: Seat Pack

    Cost: £23,940
    In Sanderos: 3.9
    Cost of car: £305,750
    Percentage of cost new: 7.8%

    What you get:
    This option changes the proletarian rear bench seat to two individual seats with what the company describes as an ‘occasional seat’ in the middle. Though no obvious occasion that you could sit on it springs to mind. In percentage terms, it’s the equivalent of speccing ‘Oxford Perforated Leather’ to your £45,000 Range Rover Evoque. But this is a £305,750 über saloon.

  11. Rolls-Royce Wraith: Wraith Pack

    Cost: £26,064
    In Sanderos: 4.3
    Cost of car: £228,800
    Percentage of cost new: 11.4%

    What you get:
    This is it - the King Kong of options. It’s for the spangly Wraith coupe and includes Rolls Royce bespoke audio, an R-R monogram on the headrests, a fixed glass roof, 21-inch wheels, a driver assistant package (lane departure warning, night vision cameras - that sort of thing) and a full camera system. You also get something called “Comfort entry system”, which presumably helps with the purchase of this pack…

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