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  1. Good news for fans of small, square bricks: Lego has released a MkVII Mini Cooper. Made of, um, Lego.

    Made of precisely 1,077 pieces – approximately a thousand more than the real-life classic Mini Cooper, we calculate – the Lego Cooper features opening doors, a spare wheel, intricate though non-functioning engine and even a picnic basket and blanket. But sadly no ski attachment for firing it off a ski jump.

    It goes on sale this autumn, costing £74.99. Which, again, is somewhat more than a well-loved original Cooper with plenty of miles on the clock.

    But it got us thinking: what’s the best Lego* replica out there? The Danes’ own efforts stretch no further than this Cooper and a very nice Volkswagen T1 camper, but it turns out enthusiasts on the brickmaker’s official fansite Rebrick have gone somewhat further.

    From Ford GT40 to Gallardos through Porsche 911s and Batman Tumblers, they’ve created sticky-brick interpretations of the world’s finest cars, demonstrating a level of engineering talent and thoroughness far beyond the scope of the Top Gear Technology Centre and its enthusiastic Hammer Department. 

    Here are ten of the Rebrick Community’s very finest efforts. Have a click through and tell us your favourite… and if you’ve made a mighty Lego car of your own, take a pretty picture and send it over to

    *Other brick-based modelling brands are available, etc etc

  2. And as a special bonus treat, the Top Gear telly studio by Chocolate Milk…

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