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Top Gear's Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. It seems a spanking-new film called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is set to hit cinemas this week.

    Innocent sorts that we are, we have no idea the plot or subject matter of this film. But, judging by the poster at least, it seems to revolve around a young lady who has unfortunately got her hands trapped in the flush chain of a particularly lofty toilet cistern, and a man making a poor effort to free her.
    Quite why this should make for such an anticipated film is beyond us. Presumably you lot are just a bunch of masochists.

    In any case, in honour of the film premiere, we decided to revive our own version of 50 Shades of Grey. It’s a deeply exciting mystery tour into the great depths of seduction and monochrome paint tones.  
    We hope you enjoy it.

  2. Make: Aston Martin

    Model: Vanquish

    Shade of Grey: Athlete Silver

  3. Make: Lamborghini

    Model: Reventon 

    Shades of Grey: Canna di Fucile, Agate, Grigio Sharp, Grigio Scuro, Grigio Caldo, Grigio Antares, Grigop Avion, Iris

  4. Make: Mini

    Model: Cooper JCW GP

    Shade of Grey: Thunder Grey

  5. Make: Audi

    Model: R8 GT

    Shade of Grey: Suzuka Grey

  6. Make: Lotus

    Model: Elise

    Shade of Grey: Ash Grey

  7. Make: Ferrari

    Model: 599 GTO

    Shade of Grey: Grigio Silverstone

  8. Make:  Porsche

    Model: 911 GT3 RS

    Shade of Grey: Meteor Grey

  9. Make:  Range Rover

    Model: Evoque

    Shade of Grey: Stornoway Grey

  10. Make: Fiat

    Model: 500 Abarth

    Shade of Grey: Grigio

  11. Make:  Pagani

    Model: Huayra

    Shade of Grey: Grey painted carbon weave

  12. Make:  Mercedes Benze SLR McLaren 722S

    Model: SLR McLaren 722S

    Shade of Grey: Antimon Grey

  13. Make:  Spyker

    Model: C8 Aileron

    Shade of Grey: Spyker Silver

  14. Make:  Subaru

    Model: Impreza WRX STI

    Shade of Grey: Dark Grey

  15. Make: Ferrari

    Model: 575 GTZ

    Shade of Grey: Two Tone: Grey on Grey

  16. Make:  Dodge

    Model: Charger

    Shade of Grey: Tungsten Metallic

  17. Make: Land Rover

    Model: xTec Defender

    Shade of Grey: Orkney Grey

  18. Make: Mercedes Benz

    Model: McLaren SLR Stirling Moss

    Shade of Grey: Antimon Grey

  19. Make: TVR

    Model: Sagaris

    Shade of Grey: Storm Grey

  20. Make: MG

    Model: XPower SV

    Shade of Grey: XPower Grey

  21. Make: Singer

    Model: 911

    Shade of Grey: Singer Racing Silver

  22. Make: Bugatti

    Model: Veyron Gran Sport

    Shade of Grey: Grey Silver Metallic

  23. Make: Nissan

    Model: R34 Skyline

    Shade of Grey: Athlete Silver

  24. Make: Aston Martin

    Model: DB5

    Shade of Grey: Silver Birch

  25. Make: Maserati

    Model: Quattroporte

    Shade of Grey: Grigio Alfieri, Grigio Granito, Grigio Nuvoiari

  26. Make: Caparo

    Model: T1

    Shade of Grey: Titanium 

  27. Make: SSC

    Model: Ultimate Aero

    Shade of Grey: Paladium

  28. Make: Ferrari

    Model: FF

    Shades of Grey: Argento Nurburgring, Grigio Titanio, Grigio Silverstone, Grigio Alloy, Canna Di Fucile, Grigio Ferro Metallc, Grigio Scuro, Grigio FF

  29. Make: Lamborghini

    Model: Estoque

    Shades of Grey: Canna di Fucile, Agate, Grigio Sharp, Grigio Scuro, Grigio Caldo, Grigio Antares, Grigop Avion, Iris

  30. Make: Bentley

    Model: Mulsanne

    Shade of Grey: Titan Grey

  31. Make: Lamborghini

    Model: Sesto Elemento

    Shades of Grey: Canna di Fucile, Agate, Grigio Sharp, Grigio Scuro, Grigio Caldo, Grigio Antares, Grigop Avion, Iris

  32. Make: Jaguar

    Model: SS 100

    Shades of Grey: Cirrus Grey, Regent Grey, Savoy Grey, Phantom Grey, Tungsten, Metorite, Steel Grey III

  33. Make: Noble

    Model: M600

    Shades of Grey: Dark Grey, Dove Grey, Mid Grey

  34. Make: Zenvo

    Model: ST1

    Shade of Grey: Custom Grey

  35. Make: Chevrolet

    Model: Corvette ZR1

    Shade of Grey: Cyder Grey

  36. Make: BAC

    Model: Mono

    Shades of Grey: Raptor Grey, Seal Grey, Gun Metal Grey

  37. Make: Rolls-Royce

    Model: Phantom Drophead Coupe

    Shade of Grey: Jubilee Silver

  38. Make: Smart

    Model: ForTwo

    Shade of Grey: Bay Grey

  39. Make: Aston Martin

    Model: One-77

    Shades of Grey: Meteorite Silver, Tungsten Silver, Hammerhead Silver, Quantum Silver

  40. Make: Mitsubishi

    Model: Lancer Evo X

    Shade of Grey: Graphite Grey

  41. Make: Ford

    Model: GT

    Shades of Grey: Silver (TL UA), Tungsten (T8 TL)

  42. Make: Mercedes

    Model: Maybach 62

    Shade of Grey: Himalayas Grey

  43. Make: Morgan

    Model: Aeromax

    Shade of Grey: Laguna Grey

  44. Make: Veritas

    Model: RS3

    Shade of Grey: Silver

  45. Make: Lightning

    Model: GT

    Shade of Grey: Lightning Silver

  46. Make: Koenigsegg

    Model: Agera

    Shade of Grey: Minimal Grey

  47. Make: Gumpert

    Model: Apollo

    Shade of Grey: Gumpert Grey

  48. Make: Tramontana

    Model: Tramontana

    Shade of Grey: Dark Grey

  49. Make: Nissan

    Model: GT-R

    Shade of Grey: Gun Metallic

  50. Make:  Mercedes

    Model: SLS AMG

    Shade of Grey: Magno Allanite Grey

  51. Make: BMW

    Model: M3 CSL

    Shade of Grey: Steel Grey 

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