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Top Gear’s Top 9: armoured cars edition

The best bulletproof vehicles to get you from A to a very shooty, explodey B

  1. Paramount Group Marauder

    We kick off with a classic. Mention the words armoured vehicle and most of our childish minds would conjure up something similar to the fantastically-named Marauder. Built in South Africa, it was a military-spec vehicle that could be bought by old Joe Public – so long as you passed the background check of course. Along with all the obvious machine gun and missile launcher protection, the Marauder would save its occupants from an anti-tank mine or 8kg of TNT that suddenly got excitable under the hull.

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  2. Rezvani Tank

    Another TG fave – the Rezvani Tank was our protective SUV of choice in case things got a bit fighty when we went hunting for aliens near Area 51. Since then it’s had a model update, and you can now get your Tank with the 1,000bhp supercharged V8 from the bonkers Dodge Demon. Crikey.

    Plus, on top of the previous gen’s armoured, bulletproof and electrically protected body, there’s now electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) protection, so you can happily livestream the nuclear apocalypse from inside.

  3. Trasco Aston Martin DB11

    Don’t fear, this isn’t just a list of purpose-built, tank-like creations – some folk want their bulletproof protection to be slightly less conspicuous. Not that you’ll necessarily blend in whilst driving an Aston Martin DB11, but it’s a start.

    This particular DB11 was given ‘level 4’ armouring by German company Trasco. It was apparently enough to stop handguns, kidnapping or car-jacking, and added 150kg to the kerb weight. Perfect for anyone wanting to go full Bond.

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  4. Texas Armoring Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6

    Yes, they spelt armouring wrong in their company name – embarrassing – but this more than made up for it. 

    The G63 AMG 6x6 was already pretty badass when it launched, but in 2013 Texas Armoring said they would take 1.35 million of your US dollars to make a bulletproof version. We’re unsure if any were actually built, but the plan was to offer enough protection to stop AK-47 fire – presumably from pesky desert bandits as you tried to enjoy a spot of dune bashing.

  5. Dartz Prombron

    Crazy name, even more crazy car. The Dartz Prombron packed a GM-sourced 6.6-litre diesel V8 and a whole heap of armour plating. On top of that armour plating was some gold plating, which contributed to the £750,000 base price. 

    You might remember that Dartz built one for Sacha Baron Cohen’s film, The Dictator, and it led to one of the strangest days TG has ever had…

  6. AddArmor Audi RS7

    The world’s fastest armoured car. That was the claim that AddArmor made earlier this year when it unveiled an RS7 with 760bhp and 800lb ft of torque. 

    Alongside all of that power was a lightweight polycarbonate weave that cloaked the whole car and provided the boom stick protection. It’s apparently ten times stronger than steel but weighs 60 per cent less.

    AddArmor went all out on the gadgets too. There were electric-shock door handles, a smoke screen system, a siren capable of 120dB and a pepper spray dispenser at the top of each door, the button for which was hidden under an awesome jet fighter-style cover. Because why shouldn’t you have fun when fending off assailants?

  7. Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard

    Want to say “I’m a big, bad dictator” but can’t quite find the words? Get yourself a €1.4million Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard and leave absolutely nobody in doubt. 

    The 5.1 tonne limo had polycarbonate-coated windows that were so thick, they needed to be hydraulically operated. Top speed was limited to 100mph, despite the presence of a 523bhp twin-turbo V12.

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  8. Karlmann King

    You thought that Merc was heavy? Pah, try this on for size. The Karlmann King is designed to look like a stealth bomber, but its ballistic protection means it weighs about the same as one too. Six tonnes. 

    It also costs £2.56million, despite being based on an old Ford F-550. Impressive.

  9. Peugeot 205 GTI

    Aha! Just when you thought you’d seen all that the armoured car world had to offer, up crops a classic 1980s hot hatch. The 205 GTI of course was famed for its barely-there 910kg kerb weight, but this conversion by French billionaire Bernard Arnault added bulletproof steel and glass at a cost of around 500kg.

    Apparently Arnault drove this daily for a few years, but if you thought we’d just blown his cover – don’t worry. It was up for sale earlier this year for around £32,000. 

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