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Tuesday 3rd October

Top Gear's Top 9: supercar accessory edition

The under-the-counter extras to ask for to make your supercar REALLY stand out

  1. Koenigsegg Agera roofbox

    Christian von Koenigsegg’s hypercars are desired just as much for their intricate engineering as they are their outrageous speed and noise. The old Agera, for instance, was not only good for over 250mph, but it could swallow its own roof neatly under the bonnet. 

    Leave the roof in place, however, and Koenigsegg would supply you with a bespoke Thule roofbox, specially shaped by Angelholm’s aerodynamics bods to disrupt the 1,100bhp ‘Segg’s aero as little as possible. 

    Polite notice: please do not try to transport The Stig to Sweden without a trained handler present.

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  2. McLaren Speedtail sculpture

    Before we, the great unwashed, ever clapped eyes on the McLaren Speedtail, the 106 confirmed buyers of the 250mph streamliner were gifted this hefty desk sculpture inspired by their new tri-seat hypercar. It’s awfully nice (if a tad, um, vulgar), but we’ve had more fun with other miniature McLarens – namely the Lego Senna you can get for about twenty quid on the high street.

  3. Pagani’s heavenly shoes

    Of the many, many remarkable things about the Pagani Zonda’s explosion onto the supercar scene in the late 1990s, one of the most cute was the free gift of footwear that came with your £400,000 V12 carbo-missile.

    Each owner was offered a pair of shoes hand-made by the same cobbler who provided the Pope’s loafers. His name is Antonio Arellano, and he’s of Peruvian heritage. An Italian supercar created by an Argentinian, with Peruvian shoes for a global religious leader. Beats Ferrari-branded aftershave, dunnit?

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  4. Rolls-Royce pens

    Okay, Rolls-Royce doesn’t really make supercars, but it does indeed purvey super cars: they cost as much as a house. They have V12 engines. They’re just as likely to be found in a music video as outside the swankiest hotel in town. Rollers are a different kind of supercar. And when it comes to bold accessories, Rolls-Royce really is a one-stop shop. The last Phantom was available with such add-ons as a cigar humidor, a wine cellar and car safe.

    Thing is, we can’t exactly encourage boozing in cars. Or smoking. And if you’ve got a safe in your car you’re probably not someone to be trifled with. So we’ll spec the most innocent of all the Rolls-Royce accessories. No, not the umbrellas in the doors, because Skodas have those too. 

    No, go for the three-piece Conway Stewart fountain pen set for the glovebox. Why is it so perfect? Simple: the big Phant is one of the only modern cars with such good ride quality you could write an old-fashioned letter while being chauffeured along a motorway in it.

  5. Bugatti’s sideways watch

    Supercar-inspired wristwatches are a whole other thread in themselves, plumbing the depths of taste, not to mention value for money. So we shall consider only one for this list: the Parmigiani Fleurier ‘Bugatti’.

    Bizarre-looking, isn’t it? The idea being by mounting the clock face perpendicular to the strap, it’s easier to read without taking your hand off the steering wheel. At 250mph. These are the sort of first world problems that Bugatti drivers must face, we gather.

  6. Lamborghini Urus towbar

    You can spec a Lamborghini Urus – the most super of all the super-SUVs – with a tow bar. And take it caravanning.

    Or, use it to transport a true supercar. That’s what we’d do. In fact, we did.

  7. McLaren F1 toolkit

    The McLaren F1 really was the ultimate accessory-laden car. The French Facom toolkit – a bespoke lightweight set coated with gold-coloured titanium nitrade was only the start...

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  8. McLaren F1 luggage set

    Next us in McLaren’s menu, the tailored cases made especially for the F1’s clever luggage lockers. These days, lots of supercars from Ferrari to Aston Martin offer fitted luggage sets, but there’s something extra-elegant about the McLaren’s lightweight, space-efficient weekend bags.

  9. McLaren F1 owner’s manual

    And finally, the only car instruction manual on Earth that you could leave on a coffee table and your mates wouldn’t think you were a bit odd when they leafed through it. The hand-drawn sketches of the F1’s hidden components, from the hand of McLaren’s Design Operations Manager Mark Roberts, are all works of art in their own right.

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