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Your most read car reviews of 2013

  1. This year, in the course of reviewing many, many cars, we have endeavored to provide solid, sound consumer advice. We hoped we might inform your next purchase and help bag you an economical, reliable motor.

    So why have you lot been reading less about the new Audi A3 Sportback and BMW 3-Series Touring, and more about a plastic Golf with a meltable body and a 500bhp V6? And a six-wheeled Mercedes off-roader? And a 900bhp McLaren hypercar?

    Here are your most-read car reviews of 2013, counting down from 10 to 1.

  2. Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype

    “The 918 is an utterly distinctive experience, a car that always answers the call of your throttle foot, almost before you’ve even asked. This has a slightly odd effect. Because it’s never lethargic, its colossal energy is slightly disguised. The 918 also has slip-free 4WD traction out of slow bends, again reducing the drama…”

    Read the review here

  3. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

    “It also demonstrated in bursts of vivid acceleration down a sleepy section of Sunset Boulevard with a police escort, that it is still very much a Porsche. Its 0-62mph time is quoted at about six seconds, but it feels faster than that…”

    Read the review here

  4. Mercedes CLA AMG

    “Remind yourself that the only other engines we’ve seen like this were in cars such as the Impreza STi and those Lancer FQ models, which basically got down the road in a series of explosions…”

    Read the review here

  5. Litchfield Subaru BRZ

    “It’s a proper small sports car, one you can have a whale of a time in. There’s more feel through the chassis, body roll is all but eradicated and it’s still really nicely balanced…”

    Read the review here

  6. Mercedes G-Class 6x6

    “Did we mention it was big? At 5.85m long and 2.3m tall, it’s positively huge. And fast. With the G63’s 540bhp, 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8, the G63 AMG 6x6 can hit 62mph in seven seconds…”

    Read the review here

  7. Corvette Stingray

    “In a word, it’s stunning. What the ‘Vette team has managed to achieve with the C7 is nothing short of astonishing…”

    Read the review here

  8. TRD Toyota GT86

    “Out on a track, the TRD car has a neutral-to-oversteer steady-state cornering balance, as does the standard car. But there’s a whole lot more grip. And it runs out less gradually, less transparently. Which is perhaps less fun.”

    Read the review here

  9. Alfa Romeo 4C

    “This really is a stunning bit of design. Yes, those head lights - apparently reworked at the behest of Fiat group CEO Sergio Marchionne, saving a rumoured €4m - undermine the 4C’s junior supercar look, but the launch edition’s carbon surround off-sets any visual disappointment. There are no bad angles on this thing…”

    Read the review here

  10. McLaren P1

    “Lesson one. You do not take the McLaren P1 for granted. And the most effective traction control is apparently your right foot and sense of fear…”

    Read the review here

  11. Volkswagen Golf GTI concept

    “…oh, our, God. The GTI just explodes in a hail of noise and more noise. The off-throttle pops fire out like a shotgun producing enough heat to start melting the rear bumper by the exhaust exits. Oops.”

    Read the review here

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