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LoneStar Harley-Davidson Special Edition news - Truck me - 2009

Americans know how to do trucks. Take a look at this, the LoneStar Harley-Davidson Special Edition, a monster, blinged-up semi (which is a category of lorry, we believe) from Navistar International.

What a beast. Puts the boys’ piteous big-rigs to shame, doesn’t it? Imagine blasting down Route 66 in this, country and western blaring out of the giant speakers, stash of smutty magazines on the seat beside, wearing a check shirt the size of a large tent, mercilessly turning cute roadside mammals into roadkill. That’d be great.

The LoneStar HD is a special edition of International’s ‘Class 8’ big rig, powered by a 12-litre turbodiesel that puts out a modest 600bhp but – ready for this – almost 2000lb ft of torque, channelled to the road through an 18-speed gearbox, which is one more gear than the Lexus IS-F.

Performance? Well, that’ll depend how many of the aforementioned smutty magazines you’ve loaded into your LoneStar. Suffice to say you won’t be challenging that IS-F in an off-the-line drag race, mind.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of leather-suited moustache-wearers who will moan that the LoneStar HD drags the good name of Harley-Davidson yet further into the mud (remember the Ford F150 Harley-Davidson ute?) but don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous. Jealous of all your chrome and smutty magazines and check shirt the size of a tent. You’re the man. Now go eat some jerky.

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