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Mercedes news - Coming soon: 661bhp Merc Vito AMG - 2010

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This is the Mercedes-Benz Vito AMG, a 661bhp, twin-turbo V12 van with…

…OK, as you’ve probably already guessed, it’s fictional. We made it up, bodged it together with Photoshop and glue.

But with good reason: Volker Mornhinweg will take charge of Mercedes’ van division in April. This might sound suspiciously like Dull Corporate Suit News, but hangonatick. Mornhinweg is currently in charge of AMG, Merc’s performance department responsible for such loony creations as the E63, SLS and the deranged Black Series.

Mornhinweg is credited with turning AMG into the potent force it is today, a division with a steely focus on power and performance and presence and other mighty things beginning with ‘P’. All of which raises the question: what’s he going to do to Merc’s vans?

Surely it will be fast and lightly dangerous? Surely our V12 Vito AMG must be near the top of the ‘to do’ pile? There could even be a one-make race series, every van loaded to the brim with furniture and vases and smut. We shall call it the Vitoversteer Championship.

But we reckon you can do better. Using that commenting device below, let us know your ideal Merc performance van, sparing no detail. If you’re handy with the Photoshopping, feel free to mock up your own AMG van and send it to

We might even publish the results with amusingly derogatory captions at some point in the future. Do your worst.

Sam Philip 

Magnificent image creation: Douglas Wood

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