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Remember that insane 9ff GT9 Porsche that hit 254mph last May, missing out on the production speed record by just two mph? With its 987bhp and 711lb ft of torque, we wouldn’t have described it as ‘underpowered’. Or, indeed, ‘sensible in any way whatsoever’.

But 9ff has decided that 987bhp just isn’t enough, and has announced that it is working on a hotter version of the GT9, the GT9 R. It will put out – ready for this? – 1,120bhp and 774lb ft of torque. That’s a frankly ridiculous amount of power from a 4.2-litre flat six engine, even one with two turbos the size of basketballs.

The power gains will be achieved by upping the boost pressure, revising the ECU and praying to the gods of every denomination and faith. Already massively modified from the GT3 (it’s mid-engined, for a start), the GT9 R will get a whole bunch of extra aero aids to stop all that power from jetting it into the stratosphere.

Strangely, the more powerful GT9 R might actually be slower than its 254mph predecessor – the gearing might be shortened for better acceleration (for which read ‘face-destroying acceleration’), lowering the top speed.

Nonetheless, we’re guessing it’ll have sufficient pace to keep up with most city traffic…

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