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ABT’s one-off Audi RS6 has 725bhp

Yikes. German tuner pumps up the old RS6 because of course that car needed more

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Remember, it’s OK to be scared. Back at the beginning of this year, Audi teamed up with ABT Sportsline to roll out something called the RS6 Nogaro Edition: limited to 150 models, it took the RS6’s power from just under 600bhp to just under 700bhp.

Now, we are nearing the end of the year and ABT has decided to take the last of just 50 ABT RS6+ models and apply some Nogaro Edition tweaks. So this is the ABT Audi RS6+ Nogaro. And it has 725bhp.

Because of course, the standard RS6 was so painfully slow. Not. ABT has fitted its own ECU to the RS6’s mighty twin-turbo V8, which, we’re told, “continuously adjusts 25 parameters ensuring greatest possible power with best possible engine protection”. So, 725bhp, and a fat 679lb ft of torque.

There’s also a full stainless steel exhaust system, the bodywork is daubed blue (the same blue made famous by the lovely RS2), and gets a few aero tweaks in the shape of a new front lip, front skirt, side skirts, and rear spoiler all in carbon fibre.

Oh right, speed. This one-off Nogaro RS6+ will go from 0-62mph in 3.3s which is four tenths quicker than Audi’s own Nogaro Edition RS6. Top speed? 199mph. One hundred and ninety nine, people.

Of course, on a derestricted autobahn, you’ll be doing said 199mph in the comfort of Alcantara/leather seats, facing a leather-clad dash and probably not looking at a few RS6+ logos. Nor thinking about the fact that this is the last of the RS6+ models built.

But then, you won’t anyway because this is a one-off from ABT. You can’t actually purchase it. It’s merely a celebration of RS6ness, and follows the company’s history of rolling out wild Avants, including a 1000bhp+ electric-hybrid.

Remember, it’s OK to be scared.

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