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This is an all-electric restomod Ford Bronco

Want to go off-roading in silence? Zero Labs has you covered

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From 1966 to 1977, Ford sold the first-generation Bronco with either a straight-six or V8 engine. However, climate change and global warming is pushing the car industry at some rate of knots towards electric power – and not even the United States of Gasoline can avoid it.

It’s lucky for us then that companies like Zero Labs Automotive exist. The California-based startup has just unveiled its all-electric restomod Ford Bronco – and doesn’t it look wonderful.

Of course, converting classic cars to run on electric power is no longer a new concept. In fact, we recently drove Aston Martin’s own DB6 Volante EV around Silverstone – albeit extremely carefully given that the prototype was worth over £1.3million.

Despite being used to the idea though, the pictures above still make us rather giddy.

According to Zero Labs, there are over 1,000 new parts on the Bronco. The main ones of course come in the drivetrain, where the oily gubbins have been replaced by an electric motor and 70kWh battery to give 369bhp and a 190-mile range. Things might have come to a slightly less dramatic end if OJ had simply run out of charge on the freeway.

Unlike most electric cars, the Zero Labs Bronco uses a five-speed manual gearbox which, combined with the four-wheel drive system, locking differentials and adjustable shocks should make it rather handy when the going gets rough.

Thanks to the Brembo brakes and carbon-fibre panels though this thing won’t come cheap. There’s no final word on price yet but expect to pay over £200,000 – it’s certainly not something to leave beached in a muddy bog.

That bright leather and bamboo interior probably wouldn’t stand up to too much punishment either. Looks great though doesn’t it?

Only 150 Zero Labs Broncos will make production, but with Ford on track to unveil the sixth generation, is this the perfect time to take things back to the future?

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