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Audi Q5 news - Disorderly Q - 2008

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Ouch. OK, we might have complained that
the new Audi Q5 lacks a bit of visual traction. But that’s no excuse for doing
this, ABT.

If that acronym sounds familiar, well,
you’ve probably seen it on a ‘Wanted’ poster somewhere in Germany: wanted for
doing bad things to products of the VW stable. 

So, this Q5. You know the score: giant
wheels, bigger springs, bigger brakes, a ‘performance upgrade’ presumably
involving a new exhaust system fashioned from industrial guttering.

Oh, and that bodykit. We don’t even have
the energy to mock it, mock it with its absurd air intakes and silly snouty
grille and general shouty-faced stupidity. We’ll leave that to you.

Go on, mock
it. Poke fun at the silly Q5. It deserves it.

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