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Batman’s got a new V10* Mad Max-style Batmobile. It nice

*we think it’s a V10. Help us out, internet friends, with your thoughts

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Not the engine we deserve, but the one we need right now. Ladies and gentlemen, Batman drives a V10. At least, we think it’s a V10. Various staffers have peered endlessly at the cylinder heads on the exposed engine in these new pics, and we’ve all decided that it’s a V10.

So, a cause for celebration. Sure, in this environmentally conscious time, driving a V10 is very much frowned upon even if they make wonderful noises. But also Batman’s a fictional vigilante who beats people up with his bare hands. Picking on his choice of engine feels a bit mislaid.

These new pictures come courtesy of director Matt Reeves and his Twitter page; Reeves is in charge of directing the new Batman film, called The Batman. We think it stars Robert Pattinson, but really we only care that it stars a Mad Max-style modified muscle car with a socking great exposed V10 at the back.

It’s proper Mad Max, isn’t it? And while Chris Nolan’s ‘Tumbler’ was a superb piece of kit, that leviathan only came with a V8. Pah. Two more cylinders makes all the difference. Peek a bit closer inside (the rear-on shot) and you’ll even spot a couple of dials and what looks like a satellite navigation system from the late Nineties.

Of course, we could have miscounted and it might end up being a V8, in which case the entire angle of this story has been pointless. So if that’s the case: LOOK AT NEW [insert engine of choice here] BATMOBILE PICTURES.

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