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Tuesday 3rd October

Behold: a 750bhp, naturally-aspirated V10 Toyota Supra

Professional skid merchant Ryan Tuerck finishes his Formula Supra project and... woah

Published: 09 Nov 2021

Professional tyre antagonist/Formula Drift champion Ryan Tuerck has unveiled his latest homework: a Toyota Supra equipped with a motorsport V10 engine.

It’s called the ‘Formula Supra’ and satisfies Tuerck’s enthusiasm for gutting rear-drive Toyota sportscars and slotting in ludicrous engines up front. His last indulgence was the V8 from the sublime Ferrari 458 in the nose of a GT86.

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He’s upped the stakes for this year-long build, fitting the new A90-generation Supra – that’s the fifth one – with a 4.0-litre Judd GV4 V10. It’s a naturally-aspirated unit that has powered multiple race victories across the globe.

As it is here in unrestricted form, the V10 kicks out 750bhp... which seems sufficient. Tuerck’s been documenting the build process through a series of videos, and in one he explains how the engine’s almost comically short stroke means the 4.0-litre makes its power high up the rev range – somewhere north of 7,000rpm. The rev limit? 11,000rpm. If you haven’t yet heard a Judd V10 at or near 11,000rpm, get thine poor ears over a to a popular video sharing website pronto.

It’s relatively light, too, coming in at around 145kg, and compact at just 24in in height. It’s matched to a sequential six-speed gearbox sending all the Judd’s horses rearwards for full on smoke machine.

Naturally, much was stripped from the base Supra, and in its place lots of motorsport addenda. The body is fully carbon fibre and custom, and Tuerck has big plans for this little car: it’s built for drifting, time attack courses and even hill climbs.

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And you thought your lockdown was productive.

Photography: Ryan Tuerck Instagram

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