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The BMW M6 Gran Turismo will never happen. Probably

Render shows what M version of new 6-Series GT luxury hatch could look like

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None of you like the BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo very much, if the comments on the story announcing its release are anything to go by.

The ‘large GT’ (in BMW parlance) is the replacement for the 5-Series Gran Turismo. BMW never did proper M version of the old 5 GT, and we’d wager it won’t do one of its replacement, either. But that hasn’t stopped the renderers from Photoshopping in some skirts and bumpers to show us what an M6 GT would look like. If BMW did one. Which it won’t. 

The quickest version of the old 5GT was the 550xi. It wasn’t available in Britain – nobody would have bought one. In American trim it had 445bhp and did 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, thanks to AWD and a 4.4-litre V8. Not bad for a big old bus. We imagine the 6 GT will get a V8 before long, but for now the quickest is the six-cylinder 640i, which does 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds. The most realistic choice will almost certainly be the 640d. 

Should BMW swallow its brave pills and actually do an M6 GT, it would probably share a drivetrain with the new M5. That means all-wheel drive (with a two-wheel drive drifty mode like the AMG E63) and upwards of 600bhp. Entertaining as that would be, we’d rather it plough the development time into an M5 Touring instead…

Image: X-Tomi Design

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