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Caddy CTS-V blitzes quarter-mile

You remember the Hennessey-tuned Cadillac CTS-V? That rather lovely sounding coupe with a supercharged heart.

Actually, it didn’t sound lovely at all. It sounded terrifying; like an aeroplane jet-engine eating two-tonne diggers coated in double-cream.

Anyway, Hennessey has pumped the CTS-V up even more and taken it to a drag strip. There, they tested how fast the suped’ coup’ would go. And it went pretty darn fast. In fact, 0-60mph was quoted as 3.2 seconds. If you’re keen on stats, that’ll outpunch a Nissan GT-R.

Click below to watch the video, where Mr Hennessey introduces his plans. Then there is some righteous tyre vandalism. And then lift off…

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