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Check out this titchy adventure sidecar

Got a Honda Grom and want to wield an axe/dig a grave/go fishing?

Published: 05 Apr 2019

The Honda Grom (or MSX125 as it’s rubbishly named over here) is a pint-sized single-cylinder 125cc minibike. Now, full-sized motorbikes aren’t famed for their load-lugging abilities, let alone baby bikes. But as you can see from the images above, that doesn’t have to be the case.  

It’s all thanks to Industrial Moto, a Virginia-based custom motorcycle shop that normally tinkers with vintage café racers but recently had a crack at a custom sidecar for a Grom. The results of their hard work is above and we think it looks tremendous.

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Called the Grom Utility Sidecar – or "Project GUS" for short – it’s a tube-frame chassis with independent suspension, dual LED headlights, a cargo net, and clamps to attach everything you need for an adventure. These include: a spade, fishing rod and axe. Now that sounds like a must-watch episode of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. There’s also a detachable handlebar and passenger seat for white knuckle rides and an optional storage box for all those fishy so you can put them on a dishy.

It’s a DIY kit that costs £1,200, which is about half the cost of the bike and can be bolted on and disconnected easily. But isn’t it adorable?

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