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Citroen 2CV, Ferrari 355 news - Enter the Citrrari! - 2009

Difficult to know why, but it’s a question no one has ever thought to ask before: what happens when you crossbreed a Ferrari F355 and a Citroen 2CV van? (Or fourgonnette, if you’re going to be all French about it.)

You guessed it: one of these. This is the extraordinary 2CV-F355 (Citrarri F355CV, maybe?) hybrid from Italian tuning house Nimik. Essentially it’s a complete F355 chassis with an adapted 2CV body on top.

Which means it’s powered by a mid-mounted 3.5-litre V8 engine putting 380bhp through the rear wheels - good for a 0-60mph time of around five seconds. That’ll give the chavs in the souped-up Saxo a shock at the traffic lights.

Nimik says the crossbreeding operation has taken around 1,500 hours and some 180,000 Euro (£156,500) to build.

If you don’t believe them, take a look at Nimik’s video below. And prepare to want an F355CV rather badly…

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