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The Dartz Black Alligator is nearly here

Dartz releases more info on upcoming Mercedes GLS-based uber-SUV

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You’ve seen its steering wheel, and now here’s the actual car. Kinda. What you’re looking at is the front-end of the Dartz Prombron Black Alligator, the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63-based, optionally bulletproof SUV from Top Gear’s favourite Latvian carmaker, Leo Yankelovich. 

More images and information will be shared in due course, but for now, this is all we have. The Black Alligator will ship with the Mercedes 5.5-litre V8 with up to 1,600bhp and 1100lb ft of torque (allegedly). The body is made of Kevlar and carbonfibre, or Kevlar-coated titanium “with an excess of bulletproof abilities” for customers “in need of absolute protection”. 

Expect a suitably opulent interior, trimmed in the skin of Missouri alligators hunted by a man called Henry. Other trim options include stingray, ostrich and python. Yes, python. The key will be tailor made and shipped in a special flight-recorder themed presentation box, and of course you get that ridiculous steering wheel.

The options list makes for especially interesting reading. As well as revealing how exactly Dartz plans to extract 1,600bhp from an engine that normally produces a little over a third of that (see italics at the bottom*), it says buyers will be able to specify an “Anti-Paparazzi Pack”, which includes “Scare-off sirens and Laser lightbars, Drone-detection & videofeed hijack + destruction”.  

The ideal Christmas present for the dictator in your life, then.

*Straight from Dartz:

850 hp (ECU calibration, Air-Filters, Hi-Flow Exhaust turbo-flange and down pipes, Race Spark Plugs, Performance Turbos (Impeller and Turbine wheels modified)Performance Intercooler, Fully Modified reinforced transmission)

1100 hp (5-Axis CNC Ported Cylinder Heads, Trunk mounted water tank Intercooler upgrade, Steel Wet Engine Sleeves, Exhaust system Muffler, middle silencer spare pipes, catalysator option, programmable valve controller CES-3, Performance Turbo- Units and Carbon Hi-Flow modified Air Intake)

1600 hp (All of the above with custom enlarged engine displacement)

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